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Hiking the Wonderland Trail Mt Rainer Wa.
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Posted 10:01 AM 5/12/2017

Anyone interested in going to Washington and taking a chance in getting a walk up first come first serve permit to hike this trail can contact me?

It is a 93 mile loop and will require some extra days to get there, get the permit, place the food cache ....all together it could be a total of 15 days.

I want to hike the actual trail in 10 days. I am not as fast as I use to be!

I live in Woodland hills and would to do some day hiking to get to know who ever want to do this trail! We will have to fly and rent a car to get to the trail head and drop the food cache.

I don't think it would be wise to have more than 1-2 people besides myself (lessens the chance to get a permit)

Please only seasoned backpackers please!

No Drama No Drugs